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      I'm a leader in a church. How could I possibly embrace a view that's so different from what my denomination teaches?

      It's true that when a person is employed by a church or a religious organization, there are economic pressures to maintain the status quo in your belief system. Changing one's core beliefs is hard enough without that additional pressure. And no one makes such changes quickly.

      As you continue to study the Bible, be open to noticing how the Torah is portrayed in the life of Jesus and the lives of the apostles. Read additional study materials on both sides of the issue. And ask God to show you what he wants from you.

      Many great things have been done for God by clergymen who came to realize that truth lay in a new direction. Martin Luther is just one example. God's faithful servants will follow what they believe to be true, even if it conflicts with the way they were taught. But nobody claims that it will be easy.

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Deal with your servant according to your love and teach me your decrees.
Psalm 119 :124