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This outstanding book is by Dr. Shmuel Safrai, one of the founders of the Jeruslem School for Synoptic Research. It explores Jesus in his Jewish context. Also available from Jerusalem Perspective, as are most of th others.
Dr. Moseley illuminates the Jewish background of Yeshua and the Church in this best-selling book. Must reading for every believer.
This book by a Baptist pastor who lived in Israel was one of the first to illuminate how Jesus' Judaism was reflected in his live and teachings.
Through extensive use of Jewish sources, Jesus the Jewish Theologian establishes Jesus firmly within the context of first-century Judaism and shows how understanding Jesus' Jewishness is crucial for interpreting the New Testament and for understanding the nature of Christian faith. Insights from Jewish literature, archaeology and tradition help the modern reader place Jesus within his original context. Young gives particularly attention to the Jewish roots of Jesus' teaching concerning the Kingdom of God.
Why are some of the sayings of Jesus found in the Synoptic Gospels so difficult to understand. Bivin and Blizzard suggest that it is because the original gospel that formed the basis for the Synoptic Gospels was first communicated, not in Greek, but in the Hebrew Language. This means we are reading an English translation of a text that is itself a translation. Many of Jesus' sayings contain Hebrew idioms that are meaningless in either Greek or English.
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