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The Big Split

Early Opposition

Inclusion of Gentiles

Fall of Jerusalem

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Three-Way Split

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The Big Split - Bar Kokhba's Rebellion

      During the years of 132-135 C.E. there occurred an event which drove perhaps the final wedge between Rabbinic Judaism and Messianics who were still trying to maintain their Jewish heritage. This event was the Second Jewish Revolt against Rome. Under the leadership of a man named Simon, who called himself Bar Kokhba, son of a star, the remnants of the Jewish nation rose up against the Roman empire one final time.

      For a time they had some success, and Bar Kokhba proclaimed himself to be the Messiah. He was supported in this claim by the popular Rabbi Akiba, who was trusted by the Jewish people in general. Since the Messianics were already committed to a Messiah, they were unable to support this proclamation and the war effort generally, Because of this they were despised as traitors by the Jewish populace.

      When Bar Kokhba was defeated in 135, he and his leaders, including Akiba, were executed. Jerusalem was completely destroyed, rebuilt as Aelia Capitolina, and repopulated with Gentiles. Jews were forbidden to come near it on pain of death.

The Big Split - Passover/Easter Controversy

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