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What Is Radical Faith?

      When you read the words "radical faith", what do you think of? Maybe you think of passion, a faith that means so much that you want it to show in your life. Maybe your concept of radical is more negative, indicating "extreme" or "off the wall". Maybe you think of it in terms of current lingo, signifying something like "awesome, dude!"

      As you may know, "radical" comes from the Latin radix, which means "root". The primary meaning has to do with going to the root. Recently there have been movements intending to explore the historic roots of various cultural settings. It is the intent of this web site to explore the roots of twenty-first-century Christianity, and to urge us to return to those roots.

      There has been a certain amount of, dare we say it, evolution in Christianity since the days of Christ and the apostles. How far back should we go in exploring and recovering our roots?

      Some would pattern their faith after the fundamentalist leaders at Princeton in the nineteenth century, or after the liberal German theologians of that same era. Some would idealize the reformers, Luther or Calvin or Wesley. Others would turn to the medieval scholastics or the early church fathers as the final word.

      It is the view of the author(s) of this site that in order to discover the roots of present-day Christianity, we need to go back to Christ and to the apostolic authors of the New Testament scriptures. As we explore how they lived and what they taught, we will be more able to evaluate our own faith. Is our faith radical, the faith taught by Jesus and his followers, or not?

My Story

Living like Jesus

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